Important notice

Dear clients,

Please be informed that as of 8 June 2021 according to the decision of the Bank Lithuania the licence of UAB Finolita Unio was revoked.
This means that we cannot service you anymore. We will contact each of you in 5 business days and inform about means of settlement with you.
We remain solvent and your funds are dully segregated and sufficient to settle with you.
If you have any questions, please contact us via:
or phone
Lithuania: +370 700 90009
UK: +44 20 38077877
Austria: +43 720 775220

A merchant`s
banking solution

Finolita is a one-stop solution for merchants looking for banking services including IBAN accounts, money transfers, currency exchange & payment processing.

Get your IBAN
at any time

Your freedom and convenience are important to us. That is why our remote on-boarding solution allows you to join us from any location and at any time.


Benefit from sending, receiving and exchanging your funds in your desired currency. All of this comes with advanced security features and our intuitive and efficient interface.

Payment processing

Payment processing services tailored to your needs. Wide variety of available payment methods provides exceptional value to your products and services.


EMI License

Fully EEA passported Electronic Money Institution license

Visa & Mastercard Membership

Your gateway to payments

40+ payments methods

Take advantage of every opportunity, regardless of the procedure

SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Fast, easy, secure and flexible. Tailored to your needs


We know that security is your top priority. It is ours, too

Remote onboarding

Join us anytime, anywhere. We are open round the clock

34 currencies

Wide range of currencies provides flexibility

IBAN in 24 hours

Your brand new IBAN account is just a few simple steps away

Set up your ultimate
merchant banking experience

Easy-to-use and secure online banking services. Open an account with us now and benefit from the advanced features we have to offer for your IBAN and currency exchange needs.


What is the pricing?

We offer flexible pricing packages, tailored to your needs. Take a look at our deals to find which one is right for you.

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Which account do I need?

Not sure which account is right for you? We’ve got you covered! See inside to find out what works for you.

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