Complaints policy

UAB Finolita Unio (hereinafter “Finolita” or “Institution”), as a licensed Electronic Money Institution, complies with all the rules and regulations for customer complaint handling. Customers (referred to any type of business  entity who has any type of an account with Finolita), who believe that, due to inadequate activities of the Institution or its employees, their rights or legitimate interests have been violated, have the right to apply to Finolita by submitting a complaint in the following ways:

(a)    by posting a written complaint to Lvovo str. 25, LT-09320 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania;

(b)    by sending an email to

The complaint may be submitted by an authorized representative of the customer. The authorized representative must have documentation confirming his or her authorization (e.g. certified Power of Attorney). A document authorizing another person to act on behalf of the customer must be attached to the complaint.

The submitted complaint must include the following information:

(a)    customer’s name;

(b)    customer’s address;

(c)    the date of submission of the complaint;

(d)    respective services as subject of complaint;

(e)    the essence of the complaint, e.g. specifying violated rights and legitimate interests;

(f)     customer’s requirements to Finolita;

(g)    other available documents related to the complaint (if necessary);

(h)    customer’s contact details such as telephone number and / or e-mail.

The complaint submitted by the customer must be in Lithuanian or English language. The customer’s complaints provided verbally are responded during the conversation and the customer will be informed that written response is provided only to written complaints. If the complaint has been sent via post, the complaint must be written in a clear and legible manner, signed by his authorized representative.

Finolita has the right to request additional information from the customer, if any of the information mentioned above is missing from a complaint.

Please be kindly informed that Finolita undertakes to:

(a)    organize customers’ complaints management quickly, fairly, effectively and appropriately;

(b)    provide an initial response to the customer’s complaint within 15 business days. The time to respond to complaints may vary, depending on the need for additional information or the complexity of the situation. Finolita will always try to respond to customers as soon as possible. In cases, which contain adequate reasons why Finolita cannot provide the official response to the customer’s complaint within 15 business days, the customer will be informed in written form with an explanation and deadline for the final response;

(c)    provide its the final response within 35 business days from the date of receipt of the customer’s complaint.

‍The customer has a right to submit a claim to the Supervising Authority (the Bank of Lithuania, address: Gedimino pr. 6, LT-01103 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, phone: +370 5 2680029, fax: +370 5 2628124, e-mail:, internet website: concerning an alleged infringement of the laws regulating financial services provided by Finolita.