Payment processing

Partnering with the leading payment processing service provider – PXP Financial – we offer services tailored to your needs with our IBAN account. Wide variety of available payment methods provide exceptional value to your product or services.

We will manage your business faster

We provide a dedicated payment processing solution for businesses across Europe. Payment processing service enables our customers to process credit or debit card payments for their business. Our merchant payment processing service supports both Multi-Currency Conversion and Dynamic Currency Conversion transactions and can help improve your business with international customers by allowing them to pay in their native currency.


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Benefit from the largest networks of card payment processors

40+ payment methods

Enable various payment methods for your business so you don’t miss any opportunity


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IBAN and Payment processing

Everyone is unique. So are you. Based on your business model and industry you are in we will provide you with a flexible offer for online payments acceptance from your customers as well as Standard or Premium IBAN account for your convenience. See our packages.

Standard package
Premium package
1. IBAN account services
Account opening fee
300 €
600 €
Additional account opening fee
50 €
Account closing fee
30 €
30 €
Monthly account maintenance fee
10 €
30 €
2. Transfers
Outgoing transfers
SEPA transfers
0.50 €
5 €
International transfers in other currency
20 €
60 €
Transfers between accounts in Finolita
1 €
Incoming transfers
Incoming transfers SEPA
0.20 €
2 €
Incoming transfers in EUR from outside EEA
Incoming transfers in other currency
Transfers between accounts in Finolita
3. Other expenses
Amendment/ Cancellation/ Return
55 €
55 €
Investigation request
45 €
45 €
4. Miscellaneous
Issuing of certificate
20 € including VAT
20 € including VAT
Issuing of reference
50 € including VAT
50 € including VAT
5. Payment processing - merchant online payments processing is based on merchant’s channel requirements and services. Competitive pricing proposals are readily provided to all applications upon completion of the online application. Finolita acquiring and payment solutions offer full service, multi-channel, multi-currency solutions, and includes fraud management, pricing is therefore based on each merchant’s individual requirements

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