Customer IT Security Measures

The purpose of these measures is to ensure proper protection of your confidential information and other assets. Our IT systems are compliant with the regulations of governing bodies therefore technical security is ensured. However, human factor plays a major role in overall security and you – our customer – should be aware of and adhere to the following security measures. This leads to a reduced probability to fall victims of fraudulent activities.

Authentication Information Security
To access your account in our system, you are provided with your authentication information (i.e. username, password, etc.). This information is very sensitive and should be treated carefully. Make sure, that this information is not disclosed to anyone but yourself. Do not write this information down in a commonly understandable form.
When choosing a password, make sure that it cannot be easily linked to your person. Avoid choosing your name, your family members’ names, birthdates, post codes or the home address.
The company will not, by any circumstances, ask you to provide your password over e-mail, phone or other channels.

Protect Your Equipment
The equipment that you use to connect to our systems should be properly protected. Make sure that the operating system and other software is up-to-date, anti-virus software is present and current, avoid installing unlicensed software. Make sure that when unused, the equipment is set to automatically lock the screen.
After using our system do not forget to log out.

Incident Reporting
If you observe suspicious activity with your account, please report it to us. Incidents may include, but are not limited to:
– Suspecting or knowing that other people may have your authentication information;
– There are transactions in the system that you did not order.

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